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Meeting David


close-up-face-statue-of-david-in-florence-david-smith david Davide_di_Michelangelo2

Our Florence, Italy Tour (06.11.13)

He was ruddy , a youth handsome to behold and making a splendid appearance. 1 Samuel 16:12

 How can you even start to describe this colossal beauty…

After one & half hours of Italo train ride from Rome to Florence & a quick bus trip from the train station, we arrived at the Galleria dell’ Accademia. Tuesday is the busiest day of the week in the museum and was not the perfect time to visit. At mid-morning, the busy line at the entrance was snaking around the building. Hiring a cheery, yellow- uniformed tour guide  was the fastest way to get in. After a brief introduction from our docent in her badly sounding mike & barely recognizable voice, we had a few stops at the unfinished statues and we arrived and met David.

And there he was. The elephant in the room at the end of the long hallway , perched on a block of stone. Towering in 17 feet. All in white Carrara marble. Gorgeous. Imposing .Unassuming. And gloriously unclothed. Posing in a stance with his brows knotted in deep thought on how to defeat Goliath.

I was in awe staring at this beautiful sight. Just wondering what were Michelangelo’s thoughts when he was carving his masterpiece. Every inch of him was flawlessly smoothed in perfection. Even the veins in his hands were perfectly bulging. The first thing you noticed were his massive right hand and slightly big head.

History reveals that it was intentionally made that way. David’s character in the bible was described as strong & intelligent who outsmarted the humongous Goliath & eventually defeated him.

The best way to admire this masterpiece is to circle it in 360 degrees. So I went around staring intently at it. His best feature for me is his behind. I wish I could stay longer to sketch his fine features like those young people slumped on the floor huddling their sketch pads.

After the two-hour tour of the  Galleria dell’ Accademia , we moved in front of the Palazzo Vecchio to see the Statue of David’s replica where the original statue used to stand. It was also made from the same white marble & the exact replica  of the original.

Choosing to see David than the Uffizi Gallery’s Birth of Venus for our first visit to Florence was a serendipitous find. We will just meet Venus on our next adventure.


All photos are from Google.